Sleep More, Make More Friends
Skinny Pelembe

Sleep More, Make More Friends

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Skinny Pelembe has corralled together a cast of talented friends for his new EP. ItÕs the second release from the
Doncaster-raised, multi-talented producer-cum-bandleader since signing to Gilles PetersonÕs Brownswood label in February. This oneÕs
a group effort, with each of its tracks featuring a different artist, each of them an act heÕs met through music or through linking with
BrownswoodÕs talent development programme Future Bubblers two years ago.
The EP touches on hip-hop, psych-rock and jazz-influenced sounds, continuing in the gloriously magpie-like approach of his earlier
releases. Each of its songs started as a rough idea which was then fleshed out and re-imagined with his collaborators. He says that
the title of the EP comes from some advice which he left for himself on an old notebook.

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