In Action
Mad Lads

In Action

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The talent of the Mad Lads is undeniable, the Stax organization signed these Memphis natives while the members were still in high school. Their doo-wop inspired harmonies meshed brilliantly with Stax's sensibilities, and netted the group a number of R&B hits, including classics such as "Don't Have To Shop Around" and "I Want Someone." Despite their success on the R&B charts, the group would never connect with a pop audience, and remained largely a cult act until their disbanding in 1969. In Action is a definitive collection of The Mad Lads' creative output, featuring all their major singles, including their signature songs "Don't Have To Shop Around" and "I Want Someone", and their distinct takes on contemporary hits like "Land Of 1000 Dances" and "Sugar Sugar", among others. Bolstered by lead John Gary Williams' pleading croon, In Action may have been one of the only Southern doo-wop records to have existed, and proved a minor success for the group, reaching #93 on the Billboard 200 sales charts.

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