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Miles Kane returns with his third solo albumÊCoup De Grace, a blistering exercise in modern rock ÔnÕ roll. Recorded in LA, produced by John Congleton (St. Vincent), Miles wrote much of the album with Jamie T. ÒThis record for me is the most important record IÕve made to dateÓ said Miles. ÒItÕs been 5 years in the making, a lot of emotion and excitement has gone into making this album!Ó Since joining The Little Flames 14 years ago, Miles has seen the pop climate change considerably but still believes the magicÕs in the music. HeÕs like an excitable schoolboy who just went to his first gig. His enthusiasm is contagious. ÒFor me to really love someone, I have to want to be them,Ó he enthuses. ÒYou want to look the way they look, move the way they move. To me, going to my first gigs, it was always otherworldly: how do I get there?Ó

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