The Serpent’s Mouth
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

The Serpent’s Mouth

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Following up on the massive worldwide success of their debut album 55, Bacao Rhythm and Steel band is back with another heavy duty offering. Picking up where they left off and incorporating a ton of new recording techniques they take a huge step forward with The Serpent’s Mouth. Named after the eight-mile strait between the island of Trinidad and the coast of Venezuela, The Serpent’s Mouth is a journey through both originals and covers, combining classic elements that wide-eared music fans already know, and mashing them up in new and unique ways. Take 1 Thing – on it, the group attacks the galloping, chopped Amerie smash hit, with singing pans that follow the R & B vocal. The sound is crisp and up-front, arguably more muscular than the 2005 original. On Great To Be Here, they take on the Jackson 5 B-Boy favourite (which stretches back to the Zulu Nation / Bronx block party days) – uncoincidentally, the original version featured a guitar lick that emulated a steel pan run. Here, it gets an even more pulsating groove, adding open-drums breaks throughout, to get DJs salivating. The group veers through more inventively-constructed covers as the album’s sequence continues, including Gang Starr’s All For The Cash; Mary J. Blige’s I Love You; and the recently unleashed first single, XXplosive and Burn, paying tribute to both Dr. Dre and Mobb Deep for a bi-coastal funk party.

Expected Release Date: 14/9/2018

Label: Big Crown


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