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We Are Scientists, the Brooklyn, New York based power pop troupe return with their sixth album. Titled Megaplex and released via 100% Records. The infamous duo, Keith Murray (guitar / vocals) and Chris Cain (bass), are once again set to dazzle the world with ten brand new splashes of colourful and utterly addictive pop that serve as a welcome distraction to these bleak times we live in. ÒIn the past weÕve used our music to educate, to enlighten, to awaken people to the depth and complexity of moral concerns. This time, we really wanted to drop a fun-bomb. Something to dance or f*** to,Ó states Chris and Megaplex achieves just that. Recorded at Tim Wheeler from AshÕs Atomic Heart Studios in NYC and once again produced by Max Hart (ex-Katy Perry), the duo set about honing down a sprawling burst of creativity to make the concise pop beast that is Megaplex. "At this point in our career, weÕve written so many songs,Ó explains Keith. ÒThe pool for this record alone was something like 90 songs deep - that we know exactly what we want out of a We Are Scientists record. We want it to be taut, to bang hard, to have a big hook every four seconds or so. We donÕt have to be precious about which songs make it onto a record; we can listen to the ones that didnÕt make it at home, on our own time. ÔMegaplexÕ is just the ten most delicious songs that we have - a stacked-up compound of entertainment." "It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of honing of craft to make it to six records,Ó continues Keith. Ò I mean, the Velvet Underground never made six albums. The Smiths didnÕt. Pavement, Guns NÕ Roses, The Stooges Ñ none of them could do it. So, I guess weÕre just objectively better than those bands now? ItÕs just a mathematical fact, right? Van Halen made six with David Lee Roth but only four with Sammy Hagar, so I guess weÕre better than Hagar-era Van Halen but only just as good as Roth-era? Which, saying it out loud, makes total sense, yeah." These are stark facts that cannot be argued when faced with the ten melodious molten nuggets that are simply blinding in their brightness. Yes folks, We Are Scientists are very much back. ÒOur brilliant work in pop song writing is unsurpassed,Ó summarises Keith. ÒAnd will probably make the We Are Scientists Name live beyond eternity.Ó

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