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Grand Prix is the fifth album by Teenage Fanclub, released in May 1995 via Creation Records. For all of the brilliance of records like Bandwagonesque and the underrated Thirteen, at times Teenage Fanclub seemed little more than a showcase for the laconic melodic genius of Norman Blake - fairly or not, the songwriting contributions of bandmates Gerard Love and Raymond McGinley suffered mightily by comparison, mere filler when stacked alongside Blake-penned marvels like The Concept and Norman 3. That said, the superb Grand Prix is perhaps the truest group effort in the Fannies' catalog - more than ever before, their democratic approach truly bears fruit, and it's indicative of the disc's uniform excellence that the first Blake composition, the lovely Mellow Doubt, doesn't even surface until track three, by which time McGinley's About You and Love's harmony-rich Sparky's Dream have already firmly established the set's ragged-but-right tenor. LP - Remastered for the first time from the original tapes at Abbey Road Studios under the guidance of the band. Packaged in faithful re-productions of the original vinyl artwork and available on heavyweight 180 Gram Vinyl with Bonus 7" of selected rarities, favourites and tracks previously unavailable on vinyl.

Expected Release Date: 10/8/2018

Label: SONY

Genre: POP

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