Get Ready, Do Rock Steady
Various Artists

Get Ready, Do Rock Steady

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The successor of ska and precursor to reggae, rock steady originated in Jamaica in the summer of 1966 and for the next two years dominated the island’s musical landscape. During this brief, yet intensely creative period, many of the foundation stones for the modern Jamaican music industry were laid by some of the greatest talents ever to emerge on the Caribbean music scene. Get Ready… Do Rock Steady brings together reproductions of 10 of the most collectable rock steady 7” singles of all time. Pressed on high-quality vinyl and presented in stylishly designed sleeves, the 10 x 7” box also contains a card insert featuring a fascinating essay on the development of the rock steady sound. It features Dermott Lynch, Austin Faithful, Phyllis Dillon, The Ethiopians, The Creations etc.

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