Nights Out (10th Anniversary)

Nights Out (10th Anniversary)

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As Metronomy work on their forthcoming sixth album, they take a moment to reflect on the 10th anniversary of their breakthrough album Nights Out. Metronomy’s Joseph Mount has delved into the archives for Nights Out: 10th Anniversary Edition. It features the original critically acclaimed album alongside a second LP which expands upon Mount’s vision with a set of unreleased demos, rarities and b-sides - many of which make their first appearance on vinyl. Two of the highlights come with alternative versions which have become staples of the Metronomy live set: a bedtime dub version of Holiday which takes it into a darker, glitchier direction, and a French-language version of Heartbreaker. Mount’s Francophile leanings are also explored in Breakbot’s remix of A Thing For Me, which contrasts French touch vibes with Mount’s distinctly English-accented vocals.

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