New Orleans Soul 68
Various Artists

New Orleans Soul 68

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1968 was the year that the musical wheels in the Crescent City came off. Cosimo Matassa’s Dover group, which provided a one stop recording, pressing, distribution and sales operation to pretty much every independent record label in New Orleans collapsed. And took with it almost all the tiny independent labels that thrived in the city. It would take a good few years until recordings in New Orleans reached the level they had reached in the mid-60s. But before the collapse, there were more than enough songs recorded to fill up this tasty LP. The 14 tracks here range from cult funk items, through dance grooves to the heaviest of deep soul. Something to please every listener and a perfect way to celebrate the year of 1968 in New Orleans. It features Eddie bo, Roy ward, Prince Royals, Robert Parker, Fabuletts etc.

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